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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 6, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am EST

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>> charles: this is against arkansas, they will have to change up and puppet it. >> referee: false start. offense number 57. five-yard penalty. still fourth down. >> charles: that is alvin bailey, their second team all s.e.c. offensive guard. bobby petrino not happy. probably feels like his guy was drawn off. bailey right here. yep, he saw the movement from across the line and he flinched. >> gus: guidry. i think coach petrino may be directing some of that anger at the officials. the fourth punt of the night for dylan breeding. tramaine thompson back deep. >> charles: raphael guidry affects another kicking situation for arkansas. >> gus: the kick. end over end. bounce back in. in the end zone first.
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>> gus: all right. a look at our game summary. >> charles: raphael guidry's block p.a.t. that turned into two points. look at that, since that time. kansas state 160 of their 176 total yards. >> gus: from the 20-yard line. klein, nine of 19. 92 yards passing. there is guidry.
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>> charles: affected two kicking plays tonight. forced arkansas to puppet instead of a field goal attempt after he drew them offsides. >> gus: rush the ball 16 times for 42 yards and a touc touchdown. john hubert in the backfield. here is hubert. lurking. got it back in. gets to the 22. as robert thomas was there to stop it. >> charles: jake bequette has been wreaking havoc, as you noted in the backfield. he has take then series on. if they do decide to throw the ball, can anyone rush the passer. jake bequette has run tonight. >> gus: second down and 8. klein. on the sideline. picks up a first down and boy are they hitting on the field
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tonight. charles davis. >> charles: when someone makes a catch or runs the ball, they rally to him. watch collin klein in the pocket. i mentioned he is not the most polished passer in the world. but head to the left side. brings it back to the right side. sticks it on the check down to sheldon smith. well done, collin klein. >> gus: first down, kansas state. at the 31. klein. the throw again. klein. and another completion for brodrick smith. you have been saying he might not be the most polished passer but on this night he is an effective passer. >> charles: that is all they care about. we've seen that throughout the season. we have seen sequences of collin klein going 0-5, 0-7, 1-10. when you need it, he puts it on the receivers.
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bam, bam, bam. and they move down the field. right now, his offensive line is giving him a nice protection in the pocket. >> gus: i have to admit they care him to ti -- compare him to tim tebow but it look like he has a little bit better throwing motion than tim tebow. >> charles: they are going to take a time-out here. look at how this ball ends up. that is a well-thrown ball. and a nice catch by brodrick smith. one of our colleagues knows brodrick smith pretty well, because he recruited him when he was head coach at the university of minnesota. >> gus: it look like he got a toe down first. >> charles: before the knee came down. >> charles: tim brewster had brodrick smith -- >> referee: the ruling on the field is confirmed. catch at the sideline. first down. >> charles: so that catch is
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good. they move on. tim brewster recruited brodrick smith, and he told me before the game he could have an impact. he is a terrific player when he is on the field. missed some this year due to disciplinary reasons. >> gus: so first down and ten at the 45. >> gus: collin klein hands it off. sneaking around the right side. he will go back with the angle and the tackle. >> charles: and arkansas did not like what minimal pass rush was going on, on the series. look who came back up the field. jake bequette, the guy they have had trouble blocking all night. coming usually from the blind side of collin klein. zach hanson, tackle, number
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70, trying to handle him. >> gus: second down and 11. >> gus: here is klein again. he dumps this one. incomplete. it looks like they were trying to set up a screen for hubert. but arkansas standing on the play. pressure by highsmith and jones. that brings up third down and 11. >> charles: bequette also coming from the end. jarius wright with good pressure from the front four of arkansas that threw the timing off on the play. at the arkansas 45. look for zone. the diversion. all night here at the top. usually their go-to receiver.
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>> gus: klein. with time. over the middle. caught by smith! first down. what a catch by smith! he took a shot. and collin klein delivers on third down once again. >> charles: right here. watch him work inside. it's zone coverage. as he goes in. bennett makes a nice break on the ball with a big hit. but sheldon smith, he has a new nickname. "pinball." just bounces right off and keeps moving downfield. almost ran backwards and almost had a first down catch. >> gus: first down and ten at the 45. for klein. back to throw it. klein. think about running it. and klein taken down from behind. good coverage, though, in the arkansas secondary.
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>> charles: coverage has been good for most of the night. really by both teams to allow the rush to get to the quarterback. arkansas found a few more openings downfield against kansas state's defense, but overall, all night, i have been impressepressed with both s of secondary. >> gus: klein relying on his arm. he hasn't taken off or run the football, as we expected him to, this evening. but he may be due. second and 13 at the 48. rolls out of the pocket. and klein decides to run it. he will get to the 42-yard line. jerico nelson defensively. that brings up another big third down for kansas state. >> charles: the last play had numerous options on it. collin klein running to the corners you described. also had a receiver coming underneath. could have given him a shovel pass. if it was open. wasn't there. klein kept it and got to the corner.
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>> gus: sheldon smith out wide to the top of your screen. isaac madison guarding him. hubert out of the backfield as well. at the very bottom of your screen. empty backfield for collin klein on third and seven. klein looking. over the middle. smith again. at the 29. sheldon smith. on third and seven. gets 14. and smith has been terrific on this series. >> charles: top of your screen. 87 in white. 6 in red. this is what they call man free coverage. cover one. everyone in man-to-man with a safety over the top with no responsibility. except to cover him by zone. sheldon smith wins that one at the line of scrimmage. that is what the coaches call winning on the perimeter. good job by sheldon smith on his route. >> gus: first down and the 28. now klein handing it off. [ whistle ]
11:42 pm
hubert. jerico nelson stops him. how about sheldon smith? three big catches on this drive. he had a nine yard catch on second and eight. he had an 11-yard catch on third down and 11 for first down. and then a 14-yard catch on third down and seven. >> charles: remember that catch he had against texas. getting their first touchdown >> gus: second down and eight. klein, smith, thinking with the same brain now. klein. wants to run it. nothing. great job by the arkansas interior defense. alonzo highsmith. >> another third down. if kansas state is going to throw the football from the pocket, there is one guy they have to make sure they block. that is jake bequette, number 91, the defensive end. see him over here working
11:43 pm
against zach hanson. >> gus: sheldon smith, at the bottom of your screen. number 87. the stand up tight end. at the bottom as well. third down and 8. klein. under pressure. klein lets it go. incomplete. this may be a fourth down situation. for kansas state. >> charles: they decided to bring a little extra pressure, because watch in here. all right, right here. it's going to be highsmith. also coming in, collin klein. hubert moves inside to block franklin, leafing highsmith for a free run -- leaving highsmith for a free run at the quarterback klein with bequette also back there. >> gus: they need the three points so they bring on cantele. a 42-yard attempt. down and up. oh!
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and if you're driving one, you know what it means to earn something. ♪ >> gus: the at&t cotton bowl classic on fox is sponsored b by -- >> gus: the great views from just above the field comes from our at&t aerial cam. 26-16, arkansas with the lead and the football. with 6:36 remaining in the fourth quarter. of the at&t cotton bowl. >> charles: i don't expect arkansas to just turn into a running team here. where it is going to pound it into the line. they will want to bleed the clock by using first downs. >> gus: wilson to pass. over the middle. caught by hamilton. hamilton spins. and gets to the 35.
11:47 pm
and matthew pearson stops him. but it's a gain of eight. let's go down to the sideline and check in with our daryl johnston. >> daryl: thanks, guys. you guys have been talking about the matchup that tyler wilson keeps finding with matthew pearson. he will have it for the rest of the game. tysyn hartman is out. they have taken his helmet from him. he won't return for the rest of the game. >> gus: thank you very much. and wilson! the big fella! [ applause ] 36-yard gain. pearson with the tackle. >> charles: how about the blocking here. kiero small, going to lead to the hole. look at the block on the line of scrimmage. everyone is matched up. look at that. everyone has a man. then the step-over on the tackle by garrett. broderick green with a huge explosive run.
11:48 pm
>> gus: all the way down to the kansas state 30. there is an injured player. and it's kansas state player at the 35. and it's lamur. the starting linebacker senio senior. >> how about the return of broderick green this year? they didn't expect him back all season long. tore his acl in spring practice. they didn't expect to see him at all. incredible, diligent rehab to make it back. his first game back, two touchdowns against texas a&m running the football. talk about the will to return to play. broderick green showed that this year. >> gus: green in this game, three carries, 43 yards. he has been terrific. as emmanuel lamur.
11:49 pm
being tended to. coach snyder on the field once again. lamur being helped up. physical, physical, physical game tonight. >> charles: former safety. said they had to convince to move to linebacker. he was resistant at first. wanted to be the tall ball hawk in the middle of the field. they dropped him down to the linebacker spot and he became a big-time play-maker for them. part of the "t" trio that all has nicknames and has been productive. tray walker, deacon, son of the preacher man. arthur brown, the judge, because of how he looks at you. he gives you a look and they call him the judge. they call emmanuel lamur "too tall" for his lanky, 6'4", 225 frame. >> gus: too tall displayed in this city once upon a time. >> charles: it was quite productive in doing so. ed "too tall" jones the former defensive wednesday the dallas s cowboys. >> gus: first down for
11:50 pm
arkansas. kansas state 30. 5:46 and counting. for the razorbacks. 46-16 lead. green gree remains in the game. they give it to him. green. all the way down to the 11. downhill running for the razorbacks. gain of 19. >> charles: i love play-callers without ego. meaning, they play. bobby petrino saw that play work to the other side. so instead of having to show everyone how fancy he is as a play-caller. flip it. opposite side. same call. likes what the offensive line is giving him now. >> gus: green, this time goes right. and green will get inside the 10. clock keeps running. as jordan voelker makes a
11:51 pm
stop. >> charles: broderick green has given up the nice running ability right now but he is being helped by the lead guy. number 36. kiero small, his fullback. kiero didn't go to college right out of high school. thought he wanted to work for a living. so his dad put him to work at his t-shirt shop. guess what? "i want to go to college, dad." >> gus: that will learn you. second down and 7 at th 7 at th. >> gus: the pitch. and broderick green. stays inbounds. does not get back to the line of scrimmage. arthur brown with the tackle. this time, razorbacks getting up slowly. >> charles: key on the play as you noted, was right up here. the clock still runs. watch the play. coming at you. number 72.
11:52 pm
grant cook with the lead block. at the end, when the tack is made. here comes the pile and they roll on to his ankle as he is trying to get up. >> gus: third down and eight at the ten. green remains in the game. >> referee: charged time-out, arkansas. >> gus: arkansas will call a time-out. 3:46 to play. third and eight coming up. well, when you own a durango, you'll have tons of power, enough to tow up to 7,400 pounds. so owning a durango means you now have the responsibility to go dirt biking, a.t.v.-ing, motorcycling, boating, jet skiing and show a ford explorer a thing or two about what it means to have best-in-class towing. the s.u.v. is back.
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>> gus: it's been an exciting and very competitive football game. this is what they're playing for, folks. the at&t cotton bowl trophy. and in 3:46, from arkansas possibly winning this game. they hand it off. robert green in the backfield by arthur brown who came out of nowhere. clock keeps running. 3:37. and now, a time-out on the field. don't forget coming up after the game, stay tuned to the at&t post game show. we'll wrap up with the presentation of the trophy, along with interviews, highlights and analysis. >> charles: gus, when this drive started i opined that arkansas would not put the ball in dry dock.
11:56 pm
all right? they would go ahead and use their passing game. go down the field. on first down, they did. they threw the ball for seven or eight yards. after that, four straight broderick green runs, big tough runs. gobbleed up guardage. bobby petrino may have had it in his head to throw it. when you are running it that successfully, he changed gears. on the fifth run there, not much yardage. but sets up for a nice position for a field goal attempt. >> gus: kansas state using the second time-out. one remaining. that brings on the field goal unit. hocker. they move him one 30 yards away. >> gus: it's good. third field goal of the night. for zach hocker.
11:57 pm
the razorbacks with 3:30 remaining in the fourth. take a 29-16 lead. [ todd ] hello? hello todd. just calling to let you know i'm giving you the silent treatment. so you're calling to tell me you're giving me the silent treatment? ummm, yeah. jen, this is like the eighth time you've called... no, it's fine, my family has free unlimited mobile-to-any-mobile minutes from at&t. so i can call all i want. i don't think you understand how the silent treatment works.
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then it's just your normal, everyday slope. ♪ the at&t cotton bowl classic sponsored by th -- [ applause ] >> gus: 29-16, arkansas. 3:30 remaining in the fourth. mr. jerry jones and coach royal. >> charles: how about that? pupil and coach. played for him on the 1964 arkansas national championship team.
12:00 am
>> gus: arkansas will send it away. kansas state with tramaine thompson and chris harper back. they will bring it out of the end zone. thompson. play down. and that ambrose making the tackle. don't forget coming up is the at&t post-game show. kevin, marcus and daryl. the pos and also the trophy presentation. collin klein back in. power run game pretty much eliminated now because of time for kansas state. make way for the arm.
12:01 am
klein looking. and the ball caught on the far side. at the 21. and getting up a little shaky, terrell miller. >> referee: the pass, the defense, number 42. 15 yards from the end of the run. automatic first down. >> charles: these are the plays you just cannot have at this stage of the game if you're arkansas. everything is going your way. get an incomplete pass. well after the play. the hit by chris smith. not necessary. cost the team 15. gets the clock stopped for kansas state. and gives them better field position. bad play by chris smith. >> gus: they move it up. the pass completed to the 37. with 3:00 to go. klein, underneath. and this is chris harper.
12:02 am
harper blows through the first down. >> charles: that is a guy that has been waiting to hear his name called for a long time this evening. >> gus: the hurry-up offense used by the calts, first down at the 47. klein in trouble. he will run it out of bounds. stop the clock at 2:37. >> gus: what a season it's been for collin klein. named big 12 top all-purpose player. second down and ten at the 47. klein responsible for 69% of k-state's yards this season.
12:03 am
running. he is dragged out from behind by alonzo highsmith. highsmith has had a great game as well. >> charles: that is when you know you are starting to add a few to the odometer. played against his father in the sugar bowl, january of 1986. oh, boy. >> gus: third down and 7. at midfield. klein. orve the middle. incompletion. torell miller again. that will bring up fourth down. with 1:46 to go. it looks like kansas state will go for it. >> charles: i don't think they have a lot of choice on this one. i can't wait to see what arkansas decides to do defensively? do they rush three or rush four, and drop everyone else? they have been bringing five on certain downs here, even on this possession. they're not just totally laying back. three-man front. see what they decide to do.
12:04 am
>> gus: fourth down and 7. they bring pressure. klein, beautiful catch. miller trying to get out of bounds, but they keep him inbounds. torell miller stopped by greg gatson. but he gained 13 yards on fourth and seven. >> charles: the clock stops because of the first down. now they have to hust to the line of scrimmage and be ready when it's -- hust to the line of scrimmage and be ready when they mark the play. it's already started the clock. >> gus: klein. from behind! chris smith. the fifth sack of the night for arkansas. >> charles: remember, how he started the sequence with a roughing the passer call. we to the sideline for a little counseling. reinserted and tried to make up for it with the sack. >> gus: second down and 15 at the 42.
12:05 am
klein again. and again, he is taken down in the backfield. six sacks tonight by the razorbacks. chris smith again. back-to-back sacks. and this defense should be very proud of the way they played. >> charles: and bobby petrino feels, has to feel great about his move, bringing in a new defensive coordinator paul haynes. his first game calling the defense for arkansas. right now he has to feel great as they try to finish off this game. >> gus: on third down and 20. klein tries to get outside. he does. the clock will stop with 20 seconds remaining. >> charles: very, very difficult for teams that are heavy run teams that aren't super sophisticated in the pass game. when you have to change gears and all you do is throw and they pin their ears back and
12:06 am
come after you. hard to hold up in that. offensive line is used to run blocking more than pass blocking. here come the rushers. >> gus: fourth down and 15. collin klein. and picked off. jerico nelson. down the sideline. nelson still running. and nelson finally stopped at the 13. with 5 seconds to go. a 62-yard return. the arkansas razorbacks will end their season with an 11-2 record and what a season it has been. they will win the 76th at&t cotton bowl. and realize that their only
12:07 am
two losses this season came at the hands of the two best teams in college football. >> charles: the last time i remember one conference having one, two, and three in the slot, and i may be wrong, but i remember the old big 8. nebraska, oklahoma, colorado finishing one, two, three in the early '70s. and arkansas is not going to be voted, i don't believe, one of the top three teams when it's all said and done because of oklahoma state's win, but i think they feel like they are one of the top three teams in the country. having finished this off. >> gus: tyler wilson and the arkansas razorbacks, bob petrino. walks off the field for the final time this year. with a 29-16 win over kansas state. 11 wins this year for arkansas. tied the school record.
12:08 am
[ cheers & applause ] bobby petrino faced coach snyder tonight. coach snyder, his second tour of duty with this kansas state squad. they are in hog heaven here in texas. ♪ >> charles: you know it has to feel good for arkansas. when they were really challenged tonight. they responded after the big run by kansas state. to draw them close. >> gus: we'd like to welcome you to the at&t post game show. from cowboys stadium. where the arkansas razorbacks have defeated the kansas state wildcats 29-16. to win the cotton bowl.
12:09 am
the fourth win in the cotton bowl for arkansas. their last appearance 2008 losing to missouri. won the cotton bowl in '6750, '76, 2000 and now. this year. now downstairs where tim brewster is standing by. >> tim: thank you, gus. huge momentum changer in the game. punt return to the house, touchdown, fourth one of the season. what was the key on that return for you to score? >> player: the guys get me back to the field, they did a great job blocking and up to me to return the ball. >> tim: how important was it to you around your seniors to win this game, win the cotton bowl and 11 games on the season? >> player: it was very important, because last year, we didn't win. this was a bowl game we wanted -- we looked at it as a bcs game. we had to get the "w." >> tim: one last question for you. we got a national championship game. who is going to win? you played them both? >> player: i don't know.
12:10 am
it will be up in the air. >> tim: thank you, joe. congratulations on a great year. gus, back to you. >> gus: all right, thank you very much, coach brewster and his hundred made it 10-nothing -- his return made it 10-nothing early in the second quarter for arkansas. 29-16, the final. for the post game ceremony, let's go down to kevin frazier. >> gus, thank you very much. it's hog heaven here in cowboy stadium. and present the trophy to the arkansas razorbacks. champions of the cotton bowl. the chairman of the cotton bowl, tommy bender. >> thank you, kevin. coach petrino, on behalf of mark kiefer and at&t and the cotton bowl board, it is our privilege to present to you the 2012 cotton bowl trophy. congratulations. [ cheers & applause ] >> coach petrino, you got 11 wins this season. more importantly you win the cotton bowl. what does it mean for the program? >> it's just a great win. the first thing i'd like to do
12:11 am
is thank our crowd, thank our fans. thanks for coming, everybody. we got the greatest fans in america. i thought our team really played well. this is what we wanted to do. send this senior class out with a win. our senior class did a lot for us. played extremely hard. has really done a great job for this program. we understand that garrett huntsman was with us today. we have miss you, garrett. i can't say enough about our football team. >> what adjustments did you make for the second half to change momentum of this game? >> well, offenseively we wanted to come out and hit some of our quick game and run the ball better. i thought our offensive line did a better job with the line of scrim knowledge the second half. defensively, we didn't change a lot. we did a good job on first down. we played really well on defense the entire game. >> all right. enjoy this one. congratulations. for the fourth time, the arkansas razorbacks are the champions of the cotton bowl. let's send it over to coach brewster. >> tim: thank you, kevin.
12:12 am
i'm with jake bequette. you played great tonight. you what two sacks. relentless effort. all game long. talk about first down defense and the emphasis on that in tonight's game >> player: our game plan as you can see was on the first and second down. the run, get them out of the second medium, second and short opportunities. really get them in third and long and give us a chance to tee off if we did that. >> tim: as a senior, you go out as a winner. cotton bowl champions. 11 wins. what does it mean to you, jake? >> player: it's so special to be part of one of the best teams in arkansas history. to get 11 wins and hopefully finish the season in the top five means so much for the program and win the great bowl game is so special. >> tim: congratulations, jake. great job. >> player: thank you. >> tim: gus, back to you. >> gus: thank you very much, coach brewster. arkansas with a 29-16 win. to win the cotton bowl. it's truly been a very special year for this football team. they have a special, special
12:13 am
coach in bobby petrino. >> charles: he has done a fantastic job getting them to the point now where they are going to compete for the s.e.c. titles year in and year out. 5-7 in the first year. we talked about the seniors. look where they end up. 11 wins as seniors. >> gus: well, coming up we will have more post-game reaction. as well as our final thoughts. 29-16, arkansas. winning the cotton bowl. ♪ hey ladies. enjoying the film? of course not. because this is our movie. and dr pepper ten is our soda! it's only ten manly calories, but with all 23 flavors of dr pepper. it's what guys want. like this... catch phrase! so you can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. we're good.
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welcome back to the at&t post game report where the night belongs to the arkansas razorbacks. back at cowboys stadium. this is the at&t post game report. gus johnson, along with my partner charles davis. a really solid football game tonight. your final thoughts? >> charles: we came in this game thinking it was the speed of arkansas versus the power of kansas state. but i thought there were elements of both of those in both teams. we saw this on display tonight. the big one was toughness. we knew kansas state was tough the way they have come back all year long with all the deficits. could arkansas do it when kansas state ran at them? they did it. proved conclusively they are one of the top teams in the
12:16 am
country this evening. >> gus: had a wonderful year. >> charles: fantastic. do it again next year. >> gus: for charles davis, gus johnson, now to kevin frazier and the guys. >> gus and charles, fantastic season. it has been a pleasure working with you. meanwhile, everyone out there, just a reminder, that the n.f.l. on fox coverage of the playoffs begins this sunday. the wild card falcons head to meadowland to play the n.f.c. east giants. next on fox, the late local news except on the west coast. meanwhile, daryl, marcus, we look at this game. and i am going to give you a chance to explain to us what unfolded and get your final thoughts on tonight. >> i think a little toughness that charles talked about. to me, mental toughness. in the third quarter, kansas state goes down the field and closes it to 19-16. arkansas responded with a touchdown drive to pull away. at that point when you had an
12:17 am
injury to tysyn hartman that changed the complexion of the game a little bit. mental toughness by the arkansas razorbacks. >> marcus: what i noticed here today, sometimes you know we applaud k-state for the outstanding effort. sometimes effort isn't good enough against great athletes. they were against superior atheletes today. in the latter quarter it was telling how ineffective or how the lack of speed really worked against kansas state. because they couldn't get down the field when they needed to. >> kevin: we can't say enough about what a great season it was for kansas state. let's not knock the team. they got to the cotton bowl when no one expected them to be here. after a quick break, we'll come back and show you the best moments from our season of fox college football. it's a party for the arkansas razorbacks, as they win the 2012 at&t cotton bowl classic. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
12:18 am
two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
12:19 am
>> kevin: welcome back to the at&t post game show. and the final score, 29-16. the arkansas razorbacks, champions of the at&t cotton bowl classic for 2012. so we have reached the finish of the college football season on fox. as we reflect on what has been an amazing year we pause to remember our colleague and our friend doug sellers.
12:20 am
doug was a brilliant tv producer and true leader. but more importantly, he was a good man and a great father. simply put, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for doug sellers. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:21 am
♪ ♪ >> kevin: dougie, we'll miss you. and we love you. 0ú
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00.
12:24 am
today i want to apologize to those i've let down including my constituents, neighbors, friends in ward 5, the residents of this city. >> an apology from harry thomas, the now former d.c. councilman pleaded guilty today to stealing more than $350,000 from the city to spend on himself. thanks for staying up late with us. i'm laura evans. tonight thomas is looking at the possibility of spending years behind bars. fox 5 has thomas' guilty plea completely covered. we'll begin with fox 5 ace maureen umeh in the newsroom. >> for months -- fox 5's maureen umeh in the newsroom. >> for months harry thomas finally admitted using his position as a d.c. council member to funnel funds from a youth sports program into his own pocket. now he could spend up to four years in jail. >> today i want to apologize to those i've let down including my constituents, neighbors, friends in ward 5, the residents of this city, the mayor, my fellow council
12:25 am
members and government officials who served this city tirelessly. reporter: harry thomas, jr. apologizing outside the u.s. district courthouse for his crime. just minutes before inside thomas answered guilty as charged, your honor, to embezzling more than $350,000 in government funds meant for youth sports and arts programs and filing false tax returns. thomas admitted he spent the money on an suv, a motorcycle and other luxuries. u.s. attorney ron meacham with other government officials showed a chart of how the money was spent. >> rather than facing another four-year term on the d.c. council mr. thomas will now face the prospect of serving three to four years in prison. reporter: thomas directed seven public grants to three organizations he had control of then. those organizations would transfer money to thomas. in one case thomas used
12:26 am
$110,000 to pay for a political event but claimed it was to pay for a youth benefit. >> his actions, he decided that he was more worthy of these public funds than the youth who were intended to receive them. taxpayers in the district of columbia became his personal bankers, his piggy bank. reporter: the government plans to sell thomas' chevy tahoe and motorcycle that they seized last month to pay back thomas' debt to d.c. meanwhile the courtroom was packed as thomas admitted his guilt. his former colleague council member vincent orange said this. >> to hear a former member say guilty as charged, it's devastating. it's very painful to sit through that. reporter: so how did the embezzlement allegations come to light? earlier i spoke with main who helped expose the fraud, tim day, a lifelong d.c. resident and republican who ran against thomas in 2010.
12:27 am
what is your reaction to thomas' guilty plea? >> it's kind of -- it's sad and somber. it's sad that when anyone goes through this ordeal and the family, especially when they belong to a family that has done phenomenal things. his mother romaine thomas has just done a phenomenal job and dedicated her entire life to the residents of the district of columbia, specifically the youth in ward 5 in the district of columbia. so it's very sad that this had to come to. this. reporter: so you're a tax accountant. that is your professional job. are you surprised it took you and not some ethics commission or someone else to uncover this scandal? >> i think no. it was so blatant and open being a tax accountant, you know, i know tax laws. i know taxation. i don't know nonprofit stuff and it was easy. really all it takes somebody with a computer and a little bit of common sense to be able
12:28 am
to look at public record information and see that there's misappropriations. reporter: so you think this is just the tip of the iceberg, his guilty plea? >> absolutely. this is an ethical cancer and we have to remember cancer spreads fast if it's not addressed and if you look at the council right now with the issues with gray, with brown, what has happened to former council member thomas, our cancer is spreading. cancer kills us if we don't address it. this is just the beginning. >> one big question being asked is whether more people will be charged. the u.s. attorney would not answer that directly, but did make it clear this investigation continues. harry thomas will be in court may 3rd to learn his fate. reaction tonight at city hall ranged from outrage to sadness. fox 5's bob barnard was at the wilson building tonight where fellow council members were weighing in. reporter: chairman kwame brown called an impromptu meeting of
12:29 am
the d.c. council late this afternoon. 10 of the 12 remaining members showed up, their only agenda item, the fall from grace of their former colleague, harry thomas, jr. >> i really appreciate thomas. it's remorseful, apologetic, sincere and it goes to the heart of the matter. he made several misjudgments. reporter: thomas' former office on the first floor of the wilson building is now vacant, his staff dismissed, thomas' name removed from all directories. >> i think it's very unfortunate circumstances for our city. it puts us in a very negative light. i'm pleased that we've reached a conclusion here and that the residents of ward 5 will have a chance in the very near future to elect a new representative. reporter: ward 1 council member jim graham says the city youth program that funneled grant moneys to harry thomas was simply out of control. >> it's exa


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